Temple Family Council

The Temple Family Council is a group of diverse, highly dedicated Temple family members who volunteer their time and knowledge to enhance the Temple student and family experience.

  • Contribute to shaping the parent and family experience at Temple University. 
  • Foster communication between the University and Temple families.
  • Provide strategic input to university administration regarding topics and issues of importance to parents and families.
  • Provide programmatic support serving as volunteers, as needed, at events such as Parent & Family Orientation and Homecoming & Family Weekend.
  • Provide mentorship for family members of first-year students.
  • Serve as a regional representative of Temple in your area by acting as a contact person and building relationships with family members in your area.
  • Assist in fundraising efforts in support of  Parent & Family Programs.
  • Serve on one of three committees.
Eligibility Requirements and Expectations
  • Must be a family member of a current Temple undergraduate student who has at least two years of academic coursework remaining.
  • Must be willing to serve on the council for at least two academic years.
  • Attend two meetings per academic year,
  • Participate in scheduled conference calls with Parent & Family Programs Coordinator.
  • Write at least three articles per academic year for the Parent & Family Portal per year.


  • Facilitates communication among students, parents and family members, and University administrators in order to ensure that parents and family members have access to timely and accurate information.


  • Creates opportunities for parents and family members to engage with the campus community and one another by participating in campus events. 

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