Changing Your Major

If you are a new student who wants to change their program (major): 

  1. Submit your request through the Change of Program (major) form in TUportal
  2. Complete the online form and hit submit. 
  3. Please allow one week for Undergraduate Admissions to review your request. You will receive an email notification once your Change of  Program (major) has been approved or denied.

The Change of Major Process takes approximately 5-7 business days so please be sure to complete the process in a timely manner so that we can ensure you are registered for the correct program/major. If you have questions about changing your major, please contact the Undergraduate Admissions at 215-204-7200. 

If you have already attended orientation or are a current Temple student and want to change your program (major):

  1. Go to the Student Tools tab in TUportal
  2. Under the Registration menu, click on 'Change of Program (Major)' 
  3. Follow instructions for your current School or College 

To view the full listing of Temple programs (majors) and the college to which they belong, go to: Programs are alphabetized by program name in the top left menu bar.