Next Steps Before Registering

Next steps before registering for Orientation.

There will be a few steps that must be completed before registering for an Orientation session.  If you have committed to Temple University by submitting your Enrollment Deposit, you will be notified via email once these steps are available. 

1. Activate your Temple University AccessNet account.

You will need an AccessNet account to log into Temple University systems. If you can log into TUportal, you have already activated your AccessNet account.

If you have never logged into TUportal, visit the Account Management website and click on the option on the right that reads Activate AccessNet account. You will need your nine-digit TUid number (example 916xxxxxx) to activate your account. Please check the email address that you used on your application for account activation instructions and your TUid number.

If you have forgotten your AccessNet credentials, visit the Account Management website to obtain your AccessNet username and/or reset your password. Once on the website, click on the option on the right that reads I cannot log in.

If you have an issue with your AccessNet account that you cannot resolve on your own by visiting the Account Management website, please call the Information Technology Services Help Desk at 215-204-8000 for assistance.

2. Pay enrollment deposit.

Deposits can be paid electronically through TUportal Next Steps or mailed to the university with the enrollment deposit form included in the acceptance packet. Mailed deposits can take up to 14 business days for the university to receive and process.

Please note: Once you have paid your enrollment deposit, your affiliation will change from applicant to student the following day. As a student, all emails from Temple University will be sent to your TUmail account. To log into TUmail, you will use the same AccessNet username and password used for TUportal. 

Please note: Course registration and placement assessment information is emailed to deposited students. Students who do not pay a deposit will not receive our emails.

3. Submit your OWLcard photo.

The link to submit your photo for your OWLcard is in your TUportal Next Steps channel. See the OWLcard photo submission requirements for additional details.

4. Complete placement assessments (if applicable) and the New Student Questionnaire (required).

Placement assessments are used to help students get started on the right academic track. 

Deposited students will receive an email from our office in their TUmail accounts notifying them that the placement assessments and New Student Questionnaire are available through the Next Steps channel in the TUportal 2-3 business days after your deposit has been received.

5. Complete Temple Preview, your online pre-orientation.

Temple Preview is an online introduction to life at Temple University.  This pre-orientation module will walk you through information related to your experience as a Temple student.  Temple Preview can be accessed in the TUportal Next Steps channel 2-3 business days after your deposit has been received.  

6. Register for Orientation.

You will register for classes, meet other new incoming students, and learn about important campus resources during Orientation. The earlier you register for and participate in Orientation, the greater your access is to class options.

Directions to register will be sent to your TUmail account 2-3 business days AFTER completion of Placement Assessments, the New Student Questionnaire (NSQ), and Temple Preview. A link will appear in your TUportal in the Next Steps channel when you have the ability to register. Please visit the  Registration Instructions page to find out how to register for Orientation.

You will receive a confirmation email 24-48 hours after you register. If you do not receive a confirmation email, you likely did not register correctly.

At any time, students can check their registered session in their TUportal. 

Questions? Please reach out to our office at 215-204-8531 or  for assistance.