What We Do

The mission of New Student and Family Programs is to integrate new students and families to the Temple community through innovative and inclusive programming.

Each summer, our office welcomes over 7,000 new first-year students, transfer students, and their family members to the Temple Community through our Orientation Programs.  Our New Student, Transfer Student, and Parent & Family Orientation Programs focus on academic preparation, social integration, and community development by exposing new students and family members to Temple resources and other aspects of college life and city living.

Why Sponsor New Student and Family Programs?

Orientation sessions are designed to strategically introduce essential information to support students and their families with their transition to Temple University to create a foundation for their personal, social, academic, and career success. While attending Orientation, many new students and their families actively look for community resources and activities to take advantage of to thereby enhance their Temple experience. To show our new students and their families what Temple has to offer both on-campus and in our community, we offer sponsors the chance to make a lasting impression on new students and their families through a wide variety of engagement opportunities.  

Please contact us at orientation@temple.edu or 215-204-8531 with any questions.