Owls Were Meant to SOAR!

Temple University's First Year Experience and Transition Program, SOAR, helps students to identify their "flight" path to success! Research shows that students who take advantage of university resources and get engaged early on in their college career are most likely to achieve academic excellence and have a more satisfactory college experience than those who do not. 

SOAR, Strategies for Obtaining Achievement & Readiness, targets initiatives, opportunities, and resources to aid first year students in successfully acclimating to Temple University. Through exposure to academic and social programs, students will develop skills and acquire the tools to successfully make it to graduation while becoming familiar with the urban living and the city of Philadelphia.

The college transition can be challenging to navigate. This program aims to strategically outline those experiences that will guide students in the right path to obtain academic achievement and successful integration into their college experience.

Map Your Flight Path to Success!

  1. Academic Success
  2. Health and Wellness
  3. Campus Involvement
  4. Civic and Community Engagement
  5. Diversity and Inclusion
  6. Pride and Tradition

Learning Outcomes 

As a result of participating in Temple University’s First Year Experience and Transition Program, SOAR, new students will:
  1. Become aware of resources and esstential opportunities at Temple University that will aid in their success!
  2. Gain an understanding of Temple University pride, spirit, and traditions.
  3. Network and build relationships with other incoming students, current students, and university staff and administration.
  4. Identify individuals and offices that they can utilize as support systems within the University community.
  5. Improve their college skill development and competencies to ensure successful transition and acclimation to Temple University.