Rome Orientation

Temple University Rome requires students to attend a two-part Orientation series: Virtual Pre-Departure Orientation sessions, and an in-person Orientation upon arrival in Rome on September 2, 2021.

The Virtual Pre-Departure Orientation includes important information sessions on the Italian student visa process, academic advising and fall courses, life in Rome, arrival, and more. If you are admitted to the Temple Rome Entry Year Program, please be sure to check your Temple email often for updates regarding Pre-Departure Orientation requirements. 

The in-person Orientation begins after your arrival in Rome on September 2. You will have the opportunity to meet Temple Rome staff, register for fall classes, learn more in-depth about topics covered during the summer Pre-Departure Orientation, get tours of the city, meet local Italians, and much more. There is no registration required for Orientation in Rome; you will receive your schedule upon arrival. 

Be sure to continue checking off your Next Steps requirements on your TUportal and Rome Portal. All steps must be completed before your arrival in Rome. See your Temple email for more specific Next Steps deadlines. 

For any questions or concerns, please contact us at