Frequently Asked Questions

How can I check my registered Transfer Student Orientation or Transfer Advising Session date?

To check your registered Transfer Student Orientation or Transfer Advising Session date, or to make sure you are registered correctly:

  1. Log in to TUPortal
  2. Select 'Self-Service Banner'
  3. Select 'Student' Tab
  4. Select 'Registration'
  5. Select 'Student Roster'
  6. Select 'Spring 2018 Orientation Term' from the drop down menu
  7. Your Transfer Advising session or New Student Orientation date will display
    • If you do not see your orientation date, or it says 'No schedule available for selected term' you did not register correctly.

Why did I not receive a confirmation email when I registered for Orientation?

A confirmation email is sent to student's Temple TUMail email account 24-48 hours after registration in TUPortal. If you do not receive a confirmation email within 48 hours, you may not have registered for a Transfer Advising Session  or New Student Orientation correctly.

Please use the steps above (FAQ #1) to double check your registration, or call the Office of Orientation, New Student & Family Programs at 215-204-8531 to confirm your registration.

Students will also receive a reminder email 5-7 business days prior to their registered session with information about parking, check-in, check-out, and what to bring.

Do I need to take the Placement Assessments? 

It is recommended that you complete the placement assessments. Some schools and colleges require that you take the placement assessments regardless of prior coursework.

How can I prepare for Placement Assessments?

The Placement Assessment website has more information about the Math, English, and Foreign Language Placement Tests. This website does not contain the link to complete the tests. The link to the Online Placement Assessment System will be available through The Next Steps Channel of TUPortal.

When can I complete my Placements Assessments?

The online Placements Assessment system is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week April through August (for Fall) and November through January (for Spring). We strongly recommend you complete the Placement Assessments as soon as possible (in order to register for a Transfer Advising Session or New Student Orientation).

Can I fail the Placement Assessments?

Students cannot fail Placement Assessments but doing well may reduce the number of courses needed for your degree. The results may be used to place you at the appropriate subject level for English, Math and Foreign Language courses.

When do I receive my results?

Placement Assessment scores are emailed to student's TUMail email account in separate emails for each test. The length of time it takes to receive the scores varies greatly. Please allow 1-2 months to receive the scores.

Students can also receive the results during their Transfer Advising Session by asking their Academic Advisor.

How do I request accommodations for Placement Assessments?

If you require accommodations for Placement Assessments, please read the Disability Resources and Services website and follow the instructions for receiving accommodations PRIOR to completing your Placement Assessments.

What will occur at my Transfer advising session?

  • Presentation about your school/ college
  • An introduction to the curriculum
  • Meet and greet with academic advisors in your school/ college
  • Learn how to register for courses
  • Assistance with course registration for your first semester
  • Information about University and academic resources

How long will the Transfer Student Orientation or  Transfer Advising Session take?

Main Campus

Transfer Advising Sessions on Main Campus start promptly at 8:30am or 1:00pm on weekday’s only. Plan to be on campus for four hours (8:30-12:30pm or 1:00pm- 5:00pm).  Transfer Orientation Sessions will take place from 8:30-5:00pm and only take place on weekdays.  Please do not be late for you scheduled session. Late arrivals may not be accommodated ad may have to reschedule.

Ambler Campus

Transfer Advising Sessions on Ambler Campus have various start and end times. Please check your start and end times when in TUPortal when you register for the session. Please do not be late for you scheduled session. Late arrivals may not be accommodated ad may have to reschedule.

What if I arrive late or miss my scheduled Transfer Orientation or Advising Session?

Please arrive on time to your scheduled session time. Late arrivals may not be accommodated. Students arriving more than ten minutes late may be asked to reschedule to a different date.

If you miss or need to reschedule your Transfer Advising Session, you must call the Office of Orientation at 215-204-8531. You cannot change, reschedule, or cancel your Transfer Advising Session in TUPortal or online.