Academic Advising

Academic Advising

What occurs during the academic portion of orientation?

  • Presentation about your school or college
  • An introduction to the curriculum (required courses) of your school/college
  • A presentation about GenEd (General Education courses)
  • Meet and greet with academic advisors in your school or college
  • An introduction to the course registration system
  • Assistance with course registration for your admitted semester (fall or spring)
  • Information about Univeresity academic resources

How do I prepare for academic advising during orientation?

  • Create a list of the following:
    • Any questions you want to ask the academic advisors
    • AP classes and tests completed during high school (if applicable)
    • Any courses taken for college-credit (if applicable)
    • International Baccalaureate courses or exams taken (if applicable)
  • Familiarize yourself with the University Bulletin, including:

What should I bring to academic advising during orientation?

  • Pen
  • Your 9-digit TUID number
  • AccessNet username and password
  • List of questions you created (see above for how to prepare for advising)

What if I have questions after orientation?

Academic advising appointments can be made during the semester by contacting your school or college's undergraduate advising center. Many advising centers also list walk-in advising hours and advisors contact information on their web site. Students are encouraged to continually meet with their academic advising center during their time at Temple University. Click here for the list of Undergraduate Advising Centers.